The Tibballs Twins


Local residents Nikki & Marc Tibballs from Slough previously traveled to and from Oxford to have their ‘happily-ever-after’ on their 3rd cycle. During their treatment at TFP Oxford Fertility (one of our partner clinics within TFP | The Fertility Partnership) they were met and treated by some of our staff who have since transferred across to TFP Thames Valley Fertility.

“Freddy & Olly were the best wedding present we could of wished for. After my initial fertility investigations and discovering both of my Fallopian tubes were blocked, I had to have these surgically removed and therefore my only chance of a family was through IVF treatment. Not wanting the hassle of trying to get in and out of London and relying on crowded public transport, our next closest unit was TFP Oxford Fertility. Sadly our first few cycles didn’t work and we decided to take a break to get married. We then used our wedding gift money to try for a third time and luckily it worked. Our twin boys are now our world.

Despite receiving excellent care at TFP Oxford Fertility, the commute did take its toll on us, with very early starts to miss the traffic around work, or having to take extra time off to attend the various appointments or scans. This new clinic in Maidenhead is perfect for people in this area, as it takes away the additional stress of planning and traveling to and from appointments. Plus knowing it is part of the same group as TFP Oxford Fertility, with some of the staff who were part of our successful treatment now working here, means we are now considering the possibility of baby number 3 …. ”                     Nikki Tibballs