Thames Valley’s 1st Baby

IVF isn’t an easy journey, Thames Valley made it an easier journey, I’d highly recommend them.

Over the previous 9 months before starting treatment with Thames Valley, we had completed three rounds of IVF treatment at a clinic in Surrey, which had led to us as a couple being very disillusioned as patients and the feeling of being powerless and having to conform to the clinic’s one size fit all approach. We specifically wanted to be treated as an individual couple and to be able to ask questions, no matter how daft these may appear to the medical professionals that treated us, especially as there were other medical factors that we felt needed specific consideration. After a third round of treatment which ended in a miscarriage, we left that clinic.

When we came across Thames Valley Fertility Clinic, just as it opened, we noticed a real difference in culture and approach to patient treatment by all the staff at the clinic. It was like a breath of fresh air. Firstly, Nicky was happy to give me a tour of the clinic with no strings attached, which gained my interest in the clinic. Then we met with George, the consultant who went onto treat us, who was professional, friendly and open to a detailed conversation about what the right treatment was. He was prepared to discuss our concerns over previous drugs given by the Surrey Hospital and why these may not have been the best choices and agreed to make changes to the IVF drug regime. George was a very supportive doctor without the barriers we experienced between us and the doctors at the previous clinic.

The care has been excellent from all the doctors and nurses, from scans, egg collection, sperm collection, blood tests, communication from embryologists to implantation. The team at Thames Valley work succinctly together and we were treated with respect and our patient choices taken seriously and into account at all times. The clinic offers a selection of the latest technology and techniques and help explain how these help increase chances of success and allow couples to make decisions about what is most appropriate for them.

We were delighted to tell the clinic that in September 2017 I was pregnant and that in April 2018 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, which I thought I’d never have. Thames Valley’s first baby to be born!