Baby Ralphie


“We are truly grateful to TVF for making our dream come true. We have a frostie in storage and we hope that Ralphie will be a big brother one day.”

After nearly 2 years of trying for a baby, our infertility journey started in the spring of 2017. As a young and healthy couple, we were really hopeful and very keen to figure it out why I couldn’t get pregnant and why I had to face the disappointment of having my period every month. Nobody had issues with fertility in our family, so both my husband and I were pretty much sure, that it would something minor in our case, which need to be sorted. We made changes in our lifestyle and our motto was new month, new hope. My husband was really positive and easy going, as all our test results came back just perfect, while I started stressing and panicking. Somehow I just started feeling inside, that it wouldn’t be so easy and straight forward to have a baby as we expected. Which seemed to be right… the shocking truth hit both of us in July 2017: my HSG results were not looking great, both my fallopian tubes were blocked, later removed. The only way to have a baby and become a family was IVF. Our wonderful surgeon who performed my tube removal and reshaped my womb is the very talented and lovely Miss Fatima Husain whom is also a leading fertility specialist at The Thames Valley Fertility Clinic. She said there are always option…

First I refused to think or talk about it. I was angry and disappointed at myself. Then slowly I started accepting the facts and reading about IVF. I learned that there isn’t a recipe to success and everybody’s journey is unique. Therefore I wanted to find a fertility clinic, where I would be treated individually. TVF ticked all the boxes and the emotional support and reassurance I got during the procedure, helped massively to make IVF as stress free as possible. Our miracle baby boy from our first round is currently playing with his daddy on the sofa. Ralphie is so much more we have ever hoped for. He couldn’t be more perfect for us.