We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

At TFP Thames Valley Fertility we have egg donors who have given the amazing gift of their eggs for another woman to use. The donor will have no parental rights over the child, the recipient will be the legal parent. Your egg donor could perhaps be someone you know who is willing to donate their eggs for your use, this is called known donation, or an unknown donor, this is called altruistic donation.

Our donor egg programme enables recipients to have all their treatment at TFP Thames Valley Fertility and be under the expert care of our egg donation team and experienced consultants. If you choose to have a donor recipient cycle at TFP Thames Valley Fertility the procedure will be explained in detail and you will be supported every step of the way through your individualised care.


Receiving Donated Eggs - Altruistic Donors

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Altrui to provide a coordinated approach to egg donation treatment provided here in the UK. Altrui is the only organization in the UK specializing in finding and looking after altruistic egg donors – taking great care to make the process as easy as possible and as rewarding an experience for everyone, including donors, recipients, and the Altrui and TVF teams. Altrui have over 25 years’ experience working with fertility and have first-hand knowledge and understanding of exactly what is involved for recipients and donors.

All our donors undergo a comprehensive health check and are screened for infections. Donors are selected only if they meet certain criteria for health and fertility and in this way we can ensure our success rates remain high. Egg recipients are matched with a donor who has similar characteristics to them, e.g. hair colour, eye colour and build.

Receiving Donated Eggs - Known Donors

Known donation is where an individual agrees to donate their eggs to someone they know so that they can give them the gift of a family. The preparation of both the donor and yourself as the recipient remains the same, in that we would still carry out all health and screening checks.

If you know someone who is willing to donate their eggs for you, please contact reception on 01628 882400.

Support and Counselling

At TFP Thames Valley Fertility all our donor recipients are encouraged to use our counselling service before or during a recipient treatment cycle. Our trained and experienced counsellor will discuss all the implications of receiving donated eggs including the following:

  • The welfare of any child born as a result using donated sperm, eggs or embryos
  • The rights/ needs of any resultant child/children with regards to conveying information about their conception
  • The advantages/disadvantages of secrecy within a family
  • Other potential implications for the future
  • Donor anonymity implications

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