April 24, 2018

Understanding Fertility – The Times Special Report

The Times have dedicated their Special Report on ‘Understanding Fertility’.

Not only are we delighted to be part of this report, we are also ecstatic to see IVF being given the attention and discussion it deserves, with now 1 in 6 couples struggling to conceive it is only appropriate that we publicised the issue more widely.

Great to see The Times taking the lead with this report!


One in six couples have difficulty conceiving, yet the majority of women are more reluctant to talk about fertility than sexually transmitted diseases or mental health. The Understanding Fertility special report, published in The Times, sheds light on the taboo topic that affects the lives of so many, from IVF tourism and technological breakthroughs to the stigma surrounding male infertility. Also featured is an infographic on fertility firsts, comment on the problems low fertility rates paired with an ageing population are causing Japan and the devastating emotional impact faced by couples struggling to conceive

As stated in the article “With some of the leading embryologists and fertility experts in the world, through investing in state-of-the-art technologies from time-lapse photography to the latest genetic screening, and containing one of only two UK clinics ranked above the national average, we are among the most successful in Europe.” #givinglifeahelpinghand

The full article can be found here.