July 10, 2018

TVF’s 1st Birthday Staff Interviews – Nicky M

Remarkably we have already been open nearly a year and over that time we have developed a team who share their passion and love for the job, watched the clinic grow in success and enjoyed helping all our couples on their fertility journey.

To celebrate our 1st Birthday since opening our doors in 2017, we have asked some of our staff who were involved in the set up and growth of the clinic since its very beginning to describe their experiences in 10 questions….

Here is our first Q&A with our Nurse Manager, Nicky Mahoney.

1. How did it feel to be part of the brand new TVF clinic just over a year ago?

It was an exciting time to be involved in setting up a brand new clinic. It was also a steep learning curve!

2. Describe your first thoughts on Day 1 when everything opened officially.

There wasn’t an actual official day, it was the day the license came through that we were all so happy. We had already started seeing patients for consultations, but now it meant that we could start actual treatments.

3. Do you clearly recall the first patient who came to the clinic? 

It was the couple that have had our first baby

4. What has been your most memorable moment here at TVF over the last year? 

It was the first positive pregnancy and subsequent viability scan

5. What has been the funniest moment?

Most Fridays! We seem to always have the giggles at some time on a Friday

6. What is the best or favourite part about your job here at TVF?  

My colleagues and the satisfaction from treating my patients to the best of my ability.

7. What has been your most challenging moment here at TVF?

Satisfying the HFEA to issue our license

8. What part of your job is the least enjoyable?  

When you have to call a patient and inform them that their cycle has been unsuccessful

9. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Never go to bed on an argument

10. Describe your time here at TVF in 3 words

Challenging, enjoyable and fulfilling

Special thanks, to Nicky for her answers.

Tomorrow we will hear from another one of the starting team at TVF.